Friday, August 24, 2012

Giving Up

It's incredibly hard for me to give up once I have a notion in my head. I've always been that way. Although I like to joke that persistence should be my middle name, the truth is that I can be downright obsessive. There are good points to this characteristic and horrible points to this characteristic. The honest truth is that there have been so many times when I ignored all the clues that I should give up on something or someone, and I ignored those clues only to end up very very hurt in the end.

This has happened more times than I really care to admit. Whether it was a business idea, a story plot, even relationships...there have been times I pressed on when I should have given up before I got my hopes up too much. I'm just thick...hard-headed...stubborn.

Well, I have GOT to learn when to cut bait.

Today I feel very much like giving up. I don't feel like finishing a drawing, a story, or anything else. Life is probably harder now than it has ever been...not that it's ever been easy or kind to begin with.

I may feel completely different tomorrow...or even later this evening. After all, the old saying that hope floats is just plum true. But at this moment, I feel tired and sad. I know I am probably just having a bad day. It happens. But at this point, I'm kind of sick of trying.

Doesn't anyone else ever feel like you've tried too hard and it's time to stop trying?

Maybe I just need to find another path. I'll pray that God will give me a better vision. Just not sure if writing is for me after all.