Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Watching You

I was the wide-eyed kid in the corner
Hanging on your every word.
Thinking of how much I wanted to be just like you
When I grew up.
You inspired me
To see what I could be
And I doubt you ever even knew my name.
And I bet you never knew that I was watching you.

I listened to every word you had to say.
I watched the way you lived from day to day.
I tried to get it right,
To live just as you might.
Cause deep inside there was a planted seed.
And I never knew who one day
Might be watching me.


  1. I am a terrible poet, so I am extremely impressed by your talent.

  2. Gosh, thanks. I don't consider myself a poet at all. I call them poems because I don't really know what else to call them. Scribbling maybe. I know pretty much nothing about the rules of poetry. Thanks again. I will probably be putting up more. :)