Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pray For Me

Well, today is my first day back to substitute teaching. Yikes. I sure need some prayer warriors to pray for me. Yes, I'm nervous. Beyond that, however, is the fact that I am fighting either some monster allergies or a pretty bad head cold. Either way, snot is not a fun way to start your day. Today I get to deal with 6th graders. yippee.

Actually, I think I prefer 11 yr-old's to seniors any day. They are still young enough not to be too stupidly ugly to authority, but old enough not to have to hold their hands and wipe their noses.

I pray God will be with me. Help me. I want to do a good job...excellent job...and I want to enjoy it enough that I don't feel depressed and lament my life every day I have to go there.

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