Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Am Officially an Author on Kindle

Well, it's time to set out on a new adventure. I am nervous, but I feel the time to put up or shut up has arrived. I have uploaded a short story on both Kindle and Smashwords. It will NOT be my last.  I am starting with short stories so that I can have a presence in the ebook world while I work on a novel to put up. I would be fibbing if I said I wasn't nervous. I am. There is nothing I have wanted more in my life than to write and have people read what I've written. I don't pretend to write great literature that will change the world. I just want to write something that can help the average person focus on something other than the leaky sink in the kitchen or whether their children will need braces. I aim for fun and maybe some adventure. I do admit to throwing some drama into the mix on occasion...okay, I use drama almost as heavily as I use spices in my chili. I am who I am after all.

The Prisoner tells the story of Ellen Foley. Ellen has given up on life. She is severely depressed. She hasn't left her home in months. One morning Ellen decides enough is enough and plans to end her own life. However, an escaped convict name Sonny D breaks into her home, and she must decide if she really wants to die or if life is worth trying for.

You can find The Prisoner on both Kindle and Smashwords. Please go to

Get your copy as soon as it goes live!

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