Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is It Summer Yet?!

Life is crazy right now! I am in the final couple of weeks before we open Little Women at the Cabot Community Theatre. I have a million last minute-small but not too small- overwhelming details to take care of. I am more nervous about this play than any that I actually performed in. I think I have taken for granted EVERY director I have ever worked with. I am too tired to bother even trying to figure if these sentences are grammatically correct.

I am still working for the school district in my town, but I have not been working much. Yet, I have managed to stay busy. I would say these past few months have been some of the busiest I have ever experienced. I am not a person who enjoys a lot of activity. I like a slow and steady pace in life. I hate to be busy. I don't know why I am like that. I just am. I hate to have a busy schedule. I have said it before (a lot actually), and I will say it again. Most people stride through life. I stroll. So a lot of frantic activity just makes me want to find the nearest rock and climb under it.

To top it off, it is winter...the season I hate. I really LOVE every other season. Spring with it's new life and blooming flowers. Summer with it's glorious heat and water fun. Fall with it's crisp air and color explosion. But, guys, I SERIOUSLY HATE winter. I hate it. I miss a ton of church in winter because I don't want to get out. I would hibernate the season away if I were allowed to. This year I am forced to get out. I have Little Women coming up (which I am directing) and then we go right into The Nerd (which I perform in).

The thing I am focusing on most (next to Little Women...that will take up a lot of my energy until it is over) is the book I am writing. I have given myself a deadline of May 29th. The book will be finished, revised, and uploaded to all ebook formats by that time. Now, if I can get it done beforehand, I will. I chose May 29th because, not only is it a realistic goal to meet but it also happens to be my Mom's birthday. I am determined that my life, my husband's life, the lives of my children, and my Mom's life MUST get better. I am tired of struggling. I am fed up with poverty.

Everyone has hard times. Everyone struggles. I know this. I also know that God has always taken care of me and mine and He will continue to do so. I also believe that He wants my very best effort. He wants me to do what I can to help myself.

I just hope and pray that all of you reading this blog, all of my friends and family also, will help me to promote my book and to really get the word out about it when the time comes. I wish I could close myself up at my computer in a comfy cardigan and some sweats with a glass of soda pop beside me and just write, write, write the winter away. I wish I never had to go out for anything and could put all of my energy toward the book. That is my dream. Someday that will be my job.

Man! I hate winter!!! I hate to be cold. Doesn't summer just sound wonderful right now?!?!


  1. You're not alone on hating winter! How many pages of the book do you have done now? Can we have a hint to at least the genre?

  2. :-) Well, the prologue is finished. It's roughly 3600 words. I am pretty focused on Little Women, but I am trying to fit writing time in. The book is titled "Getting Paid on Peyton Row." It's a drama. I usually like to write in genre like romantic suspense thrillers, but this one is a drama, though it does have romance, it is not a romantic novel. It's about three childhood buddies who grow up in a poor neighborhood and want to use football to escape. It's about climbing and falling and getting back up again.

  3. sounds good, did you have to do a lot of research about football??

  4. Well, some research. Not as much as you might think. The story is not about football as much as the boys lives.