Monday, October 18, 2010

Ahhh...Me Time

So, my husband is the sweetest guy on the planet. He really is. He decided today that he would give me some "writing time" by taking the kids to my mother's for the afternoon. The house was quiet. Finally. I could write to my little heart's content.



Yeah, I didn't get any writing done. For awhile anyway. I answered mail on Facebook. I did some laundry. At one point I actually started daydreaming. That is a wonderful thing. That's when I start writing in my head. I had the story playing out in my mind. I got a good view of who the characters are. I closed my eyes and started watching the story like a movie in my mind. For a bit.

Now, let me also state that Holmes On Homes was on HGTV while I was doing my daydreaming. I love that show. I was interested in the episode. Otherwise I would have gotten more of the story worked out. I began to get drowsy. Not because my story is boring. I actually think it may end up being one of my better shorts. It was just that it was so quiet in the house. I got still on the couch. You know how it goes. The kids are at Grandma's, HGTV is the most relaxing channel on the airwaves, I had my eyes closed, and it is after 3pm. Who can stay awake in the late afternoon?

The TV was loud. I grabbed for the remote to mute the commercials. I always mute the commercials. But the sound would not go down! I tried to turn the TV off, but it would not go dark. I was getting irked. Then I opened my eyes and noticed that the remote was still on the other side of the sofa, and I had been dreaming.

Well, no story written as yet. It was a good episode of Holmes On Homes, however. And it was nice to be alone for just a little while. Overall, a pretty good afternoon.

I will write when the kids are asleep. I'm looking forward to getting this story down.

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