Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Fever

Fall has the same effect on me that Spring has on most other people. It makes me restless. I want to get out and go more. I guess it has to do with the season before it. During the winter we are all shut up at home and rarely go outside because of the cold. So when spring hits, we want to throw off our coats and run to the nearest park.

Fall is the same in a lot of ways. Summers in Arkansas are hideous. Last summer my daughter, Shelby, asked if we could go swimming if it got hot enough. I told her it was too hot to go swimming. She said that was messed up. Well, I am sure a lot of people will venture out into the heat, and usually I am one of them. But over recent years the summers have been too much for me. I would rather just stay home and inside than be out in the sun.

So when fall comes!!! All I want is to be out and about. I want to go, go, go and take lots of photos! My family loves to take short road trips. We enjoy going to Branson for the weekend and roaming around Silver Dollar City all day long. We love the town. We love the lakes and shopping and mountain views. We also love to take picnic lunches up to one of the mountains close to our home. We look at all the overlooks. We enjoy our food in the crisp air. We takes lots and lots of photos. We also really love to visit the State Park Visitor Centers and area museums.

Today I am stuck at home. We've been stuck at home a lot lately, and today I feel the Fall Fever very viciously. Might have to break out of these walls soon and just go for a nice walk...with my camera in hand of course. I do that sort of thing.

Another thing about fall is that I get this overwhelming urge to try to become crafty. I haven't had any success at it yet, but somehow every fall I want to learn. Maybe it is just that the holidays are a stone's throw away. I am constantly thinking about cute Thanksgiving and Christmas what nots...or somehow learning small woodworking. Painting crafts. That sort of thing. I really want to learn. Maybe I should look for classes.

And of course there is football. I don't really give a flying belly bump about what teams win or lose. I do enjoy watching the competition. It's fun. I love sitting on bleachers and eating candy and hot dogs. I love community festivals and fairs. I love bonfires and wienie roasts. Hanging out with friends when the day goes from slightly too warm to suddenly crisp and chilly because the sun sets fast. I love the smell of smoke in the air. Fall is awesome. It just is!!

I even love Fall foods. You know. It's that time of year when we get to break our our crock pots and make chili's and soups. I make a mean veggie beef soup. My Mom taught me the recipe. It's SO good! Tonight I am making own recipe, which is just a spicier take on the dish my Mommy taught me. I like to make roasts and lots of baked meats. Of course those same foods will be on the menu all winter long. They are the kinds of dishes that keep you warm and full. Cozy and comforted. :-)

Yep. Fall is quickly becoming my favorite time of year. Even if it does mean winter is around the corner. I hate winter SO much!!! So I endeavor to enjoy this day. This month. This great fall season. It's a gorgeous and fun time of year, and I hope your fall is a fun and safe one. Enjoy.

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