Sunday, October 17, 2010

Come On! You Know You Want To.

   So, I've been hearing a lot about this NaNoWriMo thingamajig. I've seen several mentions of it on other author blogs. I got curious. I looked it up. It actually looks like a lot of fun. I don't expect to write a fully polished and publishable novel in just 30 days, but I guess you never know. If I hold to the schedule, I will at least have a start. I will have a full rough draft that I can then begin to revise and edit. And it will be good to keep my progress posted on this blog also. I am pretty flaky, so I need to hold myself accountable somehow.
   A friend who doesn't do a lot of writing (so far) has agreed to take this journey with me. She is going to accept the challenge. On the condition that I enter a photography competition. That's her area of expertise. If she takes a writing challenge then I must take a photography challenge. Sounds fair.
   The good news is that she already has a love for writing. She has told me in the past that she has thought about writing and wanted to try. And I'm not hater of cameras either, let me tell you. I joked last night to someone what my family thinks I'm the paparazzi. I didn't come up with that bit on my own. It's actually a piece of flair on my facebook.
   I've actually always been interested in photography, but I don't think I have a real talent for it. Neither do I have the right equipment for it, but I'm sure willing to give it a shot. I love to snap photos. So I guess that's a deal. Carrie, listen up. I'm up for the challenge if you are!! Let's go, Girl!
   I would like to issue this challenge to all who may happen upon this blog. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at writing, now is your chance. Give it a shot. And for all of my fellow home school moms, maybe you could issue a challenge to your children. You would not expect a child to write more than 1500 words a day, however, you could scale it down to make it appropriate for their age. What a great November writing challenge. To write something everyday that all ties together at the end of the month. What do you think? If you have teens in the house, you might be surprised at what they can accomplish. S.E. Hinton was 15 when she wrote The Outsiders. I've heard of several teens who have books under their belts. Don't underestimate your teen. If you have a teen who loves books and has a talent for writing, definitely encourage he/she to take this November writing challenge.
   The link for this challenge is
   Happy Writing, Y'all!


  1. OH, Lisa.... I made the blog! Woo Hoo!! What a compliment. I love how your family also calls you the paparazzi. I thought I coined the term "mamarazzi". But no. I googled it and got several hits. And there is my fear in writing this novel. All this hard work to write something that someone else has already written (and better). But I will not give up. It will be done. Even if the last 49,000 words are "end".

  2. You will do great. Remember the Bible says there is nothing new under the sun, so everything has been written in one way or another. But not with YOUR voice. I'm kind of scared too. I have such a hard time holding myself accountable. :-)If you don't give up, I won't. :-D