Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Started

   My name is Lisa Ahne, and I'm not entirely sure what this blog will be about. I guess since it is my blog it is going to be about whatever I want it to be about. If you don't like my ramblings, get your own blog and feel free to make it about whatever you wish. :-)
   I'm only kidding. I'm not the angry ranting type. What I am is the wife of a great man and Mommy to his children. We have an awesome family. We have an awesome life. I will admit that to the outside world, our life together may not seem so grand. We have had more than our share of struggles and sorrow, but we trust in a big God! We are Christians who love and trust in Jesus. Period. I really don't care who agrees or disagrees with that. That is one area of my life that is not up for discussion. You either agree that Jesus is God and He holds us in His hands and takes care of all that concerns us or you disagree. If you disagree I am not likely to change your mind, and I guarantee there is no changing mine. :-D
   I am a writer. At least I sure want to be. I've been writing since I was a small child. I'm not published yet, but that doesn't change who I am. When I get published I will sure let you know. I will tell you, though, that I have been reading J.A. Konrath's blog a lot lately, and he has me very interested in the idea of skipping the publishing industry and giving Amazon a go. I don't expect too many people have the success that he has had, but the thought of getting my name and stuff out there and testing the waters has tempted me. We will see.
   If I had to label the type of fiction I write, I guess I would say it is Romantic Suspense Thrillers. Is that a genre? I love suspense thrillers, but I believe the best books have a love story interwoven into the plot. I love a good love story. Who doesn't?
   I don't know if you can really tell a lot about a person by the books they read, but in my case I would say there is probably some truth to that. So here goes...get to know me...
   As a kid I liked Judy Bloom and Mark Twain. Then in 7th grade I got a copy of a book by Judy Bloom (Title escapes me at the moment) that shocked my 12 yr old eyes. The same mind that brought us Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing had written something that my mom had a fit about when she found it in my room. A friend had loaned it to me and had paper clipped all of the dirty parts. My mother was not happy. She told me to take that book back to my friend and NOT to read it! Of course I did. Yeah, it was filthy.
   Then again Bloom also wrote some teen books I actually liked. Then I found Wifey at the library. That pretty much ended my Judy Bloom phase.
   My favorite authors in my teens were S.E. Hinton and Paul Zindel. The Outsiders is still one of my all time favorites. I grew up poor in the South in a family of roofers. I love that story. And I read everything I could find by Zindel. My favorite was The Undertaker's Gone Bananas.
   I also read a lot of romance novels in my teens. That was the first genre I ever wanted to write for. I liked a lot of romance novelists. I think that is a genre that is undervalued, and there are talented authors in that genre that don't get enough credit. After all, the romance genre gave us Nora Roberts.She was one of my favorites when I got into my early 20's.
   I like a wide range of fiction as an adult. I read Lee Goldberg a lot. His Monk books are pure comfort food in written form. They make me happy. Some others I enjoy are Lisa Scottoline, a handful of John Grisham's work (I'm not always a fan of his prose or his characters, but some of his stuff I like), Mary Higgins Clark (mostly her earlier stuff), and the aforementioned Nora Roberts. Basically, I like a good story, and I don't care who writes it.
   I hope I write some good stories. That is my plan and intent.
   Well, I've babbled long enough. I'm tired and I'm rambling. I hope you will enjoy my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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